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A visit to the dentist’s office usually comes with a feeling of dread, trepidation, and uneasiness. As team members working at dental offices, it’s your job to ease your patients’ minds and create an energetic and friendly environment. You’re probably wondering to yourself, “How can I make a dental office fun?” This is a great question because it’s one that every office should ask itself. And the best part is that the answer is quite simple! Create in-office engagement!

The concept of in-office engagement is pretty straightforward and is exactly what it sounds like. Engage and interact with your patients and your fellow team members each time they are in the office.

Patient Milestones 

One very important way to create engagement is by celebrating patient milestones. Every patient has a birthday and every patient loves to be wished a happy birthday. The next time a patient comes in for a visit the same week of their milestone, surprise them with balloons, or maybe even a cake! Imagine the experience that this patient will have and the great words they will spread to family and friends. Take a picture of this occasion and have your patient post it to their social media pages, making sure to tag your practice. This will create a positive experience and spread increase your social media presence. Always remember that your patients are your number 1 referral source and happy patients are more likely to share and engage.

Patient milestones do not have to be limited to just birthdays. Think about what’s going on in your patients’ lives. Anniversaries, graduations, and our favorite, the celebration surrounding a patient overcoming cancer. Use these moments to create your own special moment with your patient by building these connections.


Use holidays like Thanksgiving to organize a Food Drive in your office. Let your patients know that the office is collecting canned goods and other items for the holidays. You’d be amazed at how many donations you’ll receive, all of which would go to a local shelter or other designation of your choice. People, by nature, are inherently good and want to make a difference, even if it is one can at a time. Create this engagement with your patients and build your office reputation. Remember,the better the experience your patients leave your office with, the more likely they are to come back and bring friends and family with them.

In-office engagement is crucial for any successful dental practice. It promotes a friendly and energetic workplace culture and makes the atmosphere better not just for the patients, but for all team members as well. When team members are happy and smiling, patients feel better about the choice they made by picking you to be their dentist. They will trust your judgment and opinion. The more you interact with your patients, the more likely they will be to return and recommend you to others. But at the end of the day, what’s really important is that your patient walks away smiling and at ease, and no longer holding on to the “dread of the dental visit.”

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