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It’s the New Year and that means more adventures! I am very lucky to have brilliant, amazing and giving friends who have a world of knowledge to share with all of us!

Marketing + Mocktails with Minal is a weekly episode exclusively in my group Dental Marketing with Minal Sampat, RDH where industry thought leaders and I chat about everything dental….and mocktails!

Go to my Facebook Group to listen to Heidi Mount and I discuss….

 Once we get a patient in the schedule, how do we get them to show up for the appointment?

 How do we get patients to value treatment?

 How can we prevent no shows/cancellations?

 What is something the dentist could do to help a patient like or trust them?

 What is something a dentist could say or do to market the practice?

AND MUCH MUCH MORE! Check it out!

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