Train Your Team To Market For You: #SquadGoals

Most of us practicing professionals have attended study groups, conferences and events to learn how we can grow our practice. Though we’re dedicated to doing the work while we’re there (taking notes, coming up with new ideas), many of us also fall back into a regular routine once we’re back home — despite our best intentions!

Yet, all successful business owners will tell you that it’s necessary to delegate responsibilities to grow a business — even more, it has to happen inside your practice. Your employees have set responsibilities, whether it’s checking in clients to managing the office or providing care. Similarly, you need a team member to manage your marketing.

Here’s where I come in

In order for team member(s) to achieve this, they need knowledge, communication and organizational skills, and tools to help them achieve set goals. They also need real-life examples on the struggles, roadblocks and tips on how to make it happen! In short, they need team training.

When I started my career in marketing, I had just completed my college degree and began work in a dental practice. The doctors provided tools and supported me to learn more by sending me to courses, conferences and events. Today, I’m a practicing dental hygienist, a national speaker, successful marketing consultant, and the owner of a marketing company. I’ve had the opportunities to work with all sizes of healthcare practices — from some with one owner with a small practice to some multi-practice owners with big teams. Working with diverse practices and observing their needs, I’ve always found one thing to be true:

You need a team member (s) in your practice to manage your marketing.

I’ve used my knowledge as a consultant, healthcare professional and experience as an in-house marketing director to provide training to your employees to become the marketing team of your dreams.

Dental Speaker Minal Sampat

Here’s how we’ll transform your team, together

Select team members from your clinical and business departments to delegate marketing tasks to, and contact us to schedule an exclusive training session. We’ll bring educational tools, knowledge, and experience to your team in an interactive strategizing session that examines what makes your business unique and how to be seen by audiences looking for what you offer. We’ll demonstrate how to harness current patients as a powerful sales force and provide the scaffolding to build a marketing plan that works for your business. Let’s work together to empower your team to become your marketing gurus!

This is not about showering your team in information: it’s about your team being empowered to step up to the plate, take ownership of marketing, and share their ideas to grow your practice’s culture and customer base. Team members see every day what patients appreciate, and are the first to hear about it when something needs improvement. By tapping into their knowledge, experience, and giving them the tools they need to pursue ideas they are passionate about, they can not only see the importance of a good marketing campaign, but be invested in its execution, as well.

This training multiplies your marketing efforts, and enables your practice to reach higher goals! Once trained, team members should be able to develop and launch new marketing campaigns, track growth, delegate a marketing budget to increase ROI, oversee online and social media presence, evaluate alternate marketing outlets, and more!

Team training is right for you if:

      »  You are serious about growing your practice

      »  You want to streamline your current marketing to achieve efficient results

      »  You have many marketing ideas, but hardly any of them are ever realized

      »  You are ready to delegate and want your team become your sales force

      »  You want to stay above the competition to thrive and grow

Does this sound like a good fit? If yes, contact us to schedule a training session!

Marketing Consultations

Looking for a marketing consultant who is direct, communicative, and up to date on all the latest marketing developments? Look no further! Together, we can highlight and capitalize on your strengths and create effective marketing strategies to increase patient engagement and revenue, through a variety of avenues.

Streamline your marketing.

We offer both in-office and virtual marketing consultations to streamline current marketing, create a marketing plan, educate on-trend, and improve social media utilization. Using proven best practices in the modern marketing climate, we will lay the groundwork to expand your company and discuss how your team can manage and evaluate digital media platforms that work best for your business.

Showcase your brand.

Our clients range from small teams to large multi-practice owners, and if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that there is no “one size fits all”, cookie-cutter marketing plan. You want your business to stand out against competitors, and we want to help you draw on your practice’s strengths to do that. We’ll evaluate your current marketing and consult with you on your brand presentation, then propel you forward by generating a marketing plan and to-do list based on your unique needs.

Strategize and build together.

Great consultations rely on team input. GMM includes the team in consultations to lay the foundation for effective and efficient marketing, but also works one-on-one with your team to help create engagement in-house, handle marketing campaigns, and stay on top of the digital media platforms. By the end of the consultation, your team will have contributed to a new marketing plan and ready to make it happen! We also provide the option to work with you on a monthly basis to help plan marketing projects and provide updates on current marketing trends.