Known for her engaging style and interactive approach, Minal Sampat, RDH offers informative sessions on the ever-evolving science of marketing. Sessions range from keynotes, hourly presentations to workshops.

Engaging. Energetic. Speaking That Converts.

Marketing takes effort; see that effort produce results! Minal Sampat delivers presentations that leave attendees excited about marketing opportunities, knowledgeable about current tools and trends, and confident, with a clear plan of the next steps to take to get their marketing on track.

Covering topics such as conversion, team training, social media, and using your patients as a sales force, Minal speaks from her experience as a practicing dental professional, knowledgeable marketer, and owner of a dental marketing consultancy company. Her numerous presentations, workshops, and interviews have demonstrated her unique ability to engage with the audience, small or large.

Highly praised by many dental experts and recognized by various dental publications, Minal is also the proud holder of a Guinness World Record for the Swish Away Breast Cancer event that launched her business. She is also the member of Speaking Consulting Network, AADOM Speaker and Consultant Alliance and Dental Speakers Bureau

Minal Sampat reliably provides enthusiastic delivery and elicits audience response in all her presentations. Contact us to have her speak at your next convention, conference, event and study club. 

Dental Speaker

As a speaker, Minal

With her unique background and diverse experiences in both the dental and marketing fields, Minal understands the value of thinking outside the box. Through the sharing of actual success stories and the practices that led to them, attendees become inspired with ideas for creatively approaching marketing in their own practices. By setting a tone that welcomes audience participation, the excited exchange of information and ideas happens naturally.

Once an audience is inspired, it is important to give them everything they need to get started with laying their own groundwork. This is where Minal’s extensive experience comes to play. With up-to-date information on best practices in today’s marketing atmosphere, and knowledge of the many avenues and options available to business owners, sessions become educational experiences bursting with opportunity to take advantage of fresh information.

These presentations all share one major objective: to empower attendees into taking action. These are not your lectures of years past, but rather engaging interactions with the achievement of business goals by participants at the center of Minal’s drive. To attain this, presentations are designed in a way that all attendees leave with a plan providing them with the tools they need to begin or enhance their marketing.

Presentation Topics

Dental Speaker Minal Sampat

#Squad Goals: Train your team to market for you. In this interactive, hands-on session, attendees will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to create and execute a marketing plan for their practice by harnessing the skills and interest of their practice’s front-facing team members. A focus on patient-centered marketing takes advantage of the number one sales force: current customers. Discussions on social media, budgeting, and team training are included in this specialized session to create an actionable marketing plan.

From Stick Figures to Selfie Sticks: Mastering Social Media and Reputation Management. Web presence is no longer an option in the Information Age, when anyone can conduct a web search with a tap of their phone screen. Growing up with technology and being in the ideal new patient age group, Minal knows firsthand the message, the platforms and the requirements needed to draw patients online. In this session, attendees learn what information about their business converts online and how to get it there, as well as how to create and manage their presence on customer review sites, where potential new patients do their research. Lastly, audience members will learn how to identify what makes their practice unique, and how to translate that into social media marketing campaigns. Specific tips, strategies and tools will also be discussed.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Making Your Marketing as Unique as Your Practice. For audiences who may just be starting or may be further down the road on their marketing path, this presentation offers an opportunity to strategize, reflect, evaluate, and grow. Why should a patient choose to come to your practice, and which marketing strategies work best on what medium? How can attendees optimize proven techniques in their practice, and create systems to track marketing spending and outcomes? These questions and more will be answered in a presentation designed to help attendees identify their audience, learn where to find them in today’s multi-media environment, and convert marketing campaigns into new patients.